1、 Purchasing the connector、terminal、fastener、protective tube for the wire harness and appliances.

We rely on the professional international resources and the connector manufacturers with good connections, cooperation, to lower the purchasing cost

and improve the lead time.

Supply service to harness and car electrical product manufacturer on purchasing, logistics and other services.


2、 International logistics integration.

Customers can specify the corresponding delivery locations and goods, we could process the international logistics, customs clearance and settlement,

Realize the integration and optimization of global supply chain

3、 wire harness design.

On behalf of clients to complete wiring harness develop, help the wiring harness manufacturers to reduce the difficulty and lead time for

develop new products, also make the purchasing optimization plan.


4、 Technical support and emergency material solution.

Customers can provide product pictures or OEM part no., we could confirm the origin of country and product model. Help you finish the confirmation


We have many years of material circulation records and close connections with customer on supply and demand to help customers solve the

emergency material deployment tasks.

We bond the auto manufacturer and component suppliers to provide the best technical solution.

We are committed to meet the various needs of customers, we have a professional team to actively respond to.

Meeting customer demand to prove the social responsibility, achieve self value of Team Chengmao at the same time.